It’s Simple: What the Left Believes Explains the Regime’s Inaction on Benghazi


Do the left even know what they believe? I thought that was part of being liberal: No Core Believes.
Check it out:

There are two and only two possible scenarios, the first being that they’re just incompetent and don’t know what they’re doing, or they did comprehend the danger on the ground and ignored it for political reasons. Both of those are true. You don’t have to pick one or the other. Both of those things are true. I’ll just repeat this again. People, I think, have a tough time understanding this. I wish people didn’t, because this is the explanation.

They believe, folks… Now, not all of them. In every group of leftists you’re gonna have leaders, followers, dolts, dupes, useful idiots, manipulators. They were all there. It’s not monolithic. But when you get to people like Obama and everybody in his administration and the suck-ups who are there to make sure he only hears good news, they really believed… Don’t doubt me on this. They really believed the world hated this country because of George W. Bush. They really did.

They thought that the world and terrorists, our enemies, really hated us because of Iraq and because of Afghanistan — and a certain number of them actually thought that the terrorists on 9/11 were justified because of our policies, that we do provoke these people. They also believed that, when Obama became president, all that hate would vanish and it would turn to love and respect once again for the United States. They believe this stuff about themselves!

Then Obama goes to Cairo to try to cement that notion. “Okay, I’m here now! You can love us again, and you can respect us again. Because we’re not gonna do anything to provoke you. We love you!” He was on his world apology tour shortly after being immaculated. So then when something like this in Benghazi happens, they’re caught flat-footed. It doesn’t jibe. There really is a messianic complex at play here, and they don’t understand it when it happens.



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