It Only Took Five Minutes for Democrats to Politicize the Oklahoma Tornado


Not only are they idiots, but insensitive jerks.
Check it out:

It took five minutes. Five minutes. It only took five minutes before the Democrat Party politicized the tornado in Oklahoma. They politicize everything, folks. They rub their hands together in glee when there is a natural disaster that they think they can spin in such a way as to advance their political agenda. If any of you doubt that global warming is a political issue and not a science issue, then you must open your mind and consider why in the world, ask yourself, why in the world, five minutes after the news hits of this horrible destruction, a Democrat senator, Sheldon Whitehouse, runs out and starts talking about global warming and blaming the tornado on global warming.

Tornado activity in this country is actually down. Temperatures have not risen for 15 years. There is no warming taking place and certainly no man-made global warming. Five minutes after the news of this tornado hits, a Democrat senator cannot wait to get hold of a reporter somehow, any way possible, and start shouting: “global warming.” What is the point? What in the world is served by that? What possible assistance can that observation be? What does it have to do with anything?

I really don’t even want to acknowledge this but I’m going to for the sake of the discussion. Even if there were global warming taking place, what point is made, what is served by calling attention to it five minutes before we even know the death toll. These people are just despicable. Five minutes. And then that chorus was picked up in any number of places in the media internationally. They were excited that they could say that the tornado was the result of global warming. I’ve had a story at the top of the Stack for the past couple days. It’s from the BBC, and these are the biggest global warming political aficionados you’ll ever run into. The BBC is as far left as anything in this country, and they are invested totally in the idea of man-made global warming. The story from the BBC is on the 19th of May, two days ago: “Climate Slowdown Means Extreme Rates of Warming ‘Not As Likely’.”



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