IRS to America: Your emails are ours


The IRS needs done away with. It is out of control.
Check it out:

Two of the headline scandals that have hit the Barack Obama administration in recent days could be about to come together – the IRS and the invasion by government of private communications.

At least that’s the way it looks, based on a report from the activist group ACLU, where staff attorney Nathan Wessler recently wrote that the most feared federal agency believes it has the right to access private emails.

The recent scandals are creating a huge wall for the Obama administration in its efforts to move its agenda forward. In brief, Congress is investigating now why the IRS deliberately targeted conservative and tea party organizations over the last three years with what some recipients have described as harassment when they applied for a tax status.

Secondly, the Department of Justice has been gaining access to journalist’s telephone records without telling them when it suspects a leak of information to the media.

Now comes the report from Wessler, who explained that the IRS long has held the position that it can obtain and read a person’s emails – essentially without permission, without a warrant and without even notification.



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