IRS Asked a Pro-Life Group About Its Prayers – But The Acting Commissioner Doesn’t Think Any of This Stuff is Illegal!


It’s gets more ridiculous every day.
Check it out:

IRS commissioner, the acting commissioner is afraid — to comment ’cause he can’t know the details of the case. Well, let me ask you a question. What details could possibly justify such a question of the Coalition for Life of Iowa? (New Castrati impression) “Well, Mr. Limbaugh, what if they were praying to the lemur?” So what? There’s religious freedom. “But you think it’s okay to pray to animals?” I’m using an extreme example.

Of course they weren’t praying to lemurs.

The point is, the IRS commissioner could not condemn the actions of his agency. He held that in reserve. “Well, speaking outside the case, which I don’t know anything about, it would surprise me that question was asked.” It would? Folks, there’s no sense of outrage on this guy’s part at all. Oh, gosh. Jeez. I’m gonna tell you something that many of you aren’t going to want to believe it and you’re gonna reject it. That question is probably, in his mind, entirely legit.

These people — these uber-radical leftists — one of the characteristics people have that they are most afraid of and distrustful of and threatened by is a deeply devout religious life devoted to God. They don’t understand it. That’s kooky. That’s really weird to them, and in their world it is entirely understandable that we need to know what you’re praying to. “I mean, you’re gonna get tax-exempt status? Who knows, you could be subversive!”



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