How Can We Let the IRS Run Obamacare?


This is what happens when government runs anything.
Check it out:

Do not laugh at this. In fact, Kim, we have speculated about this in the past. Back during the days of 2010/2011, when Obamacare was being debated and signed, we raised this distinct possibility — and you are so right. All it’s going to take is one true Obama believer at the health exchange office. You walk in, and you’re applying for coverage or whatever. You need treatment of some kind. If this person decides to demand your voting history, to see your voter registration — Republican or Democrat, how you voted — and then to determine whether or not you get moved up and down in the line, it’s entirely possible.

But health care information is one of the stories involving the current IRS scandal. This kind of information is already being demanded. But you’re right. They’ll have that information. They’ll know. When you show up at a health exchange or wherever you have to go either for insurance or treatment, they will know who you are.



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