High-Tech Lynching: Senate Attempts to Crucify Apple


Liberals hate success. They want to take it for themselves.
Check it out:

Taxes are a cost. They’re doing everything they can to keep their costs down. What Apple’s being accused of here is bad citizenship. What the Democrats on this Senate committee (aided and abetted by Senator McCain, by the way) are trying to say is that Apple can pay more because they have more. Apple doesn’t need all this money that they’re making. Apple doesn’t need all this money that they’re hoarding. Apple doesn’t need all this money that they’re saving.

The government needs this money, and Apple has it, and they’re capable of paying it, and the definition of good citizenship is paying more taxes than you have to. These guys are trying to publicly humiliate Apple, and put pressure on their stock price. Many of us go through this kind of thing, folks, when the left gets in gear trying to do economic damage. That’s what they’re trying to do to Apple, and Apple’s defending themselves. “We haven’t done anything wrong. We haven’t broken any law.

“We’ve paid every dime of tax that we owe and we will continue to,” and nobody’s accused ’em of breaking the law. They’re just accusing them of bad citizenship. But the people accusing them of bad citizenship are the people they support, the people they vote for (and the guy they think that they wouldn’t dare go to a cocktail party with) is the one guy defending them. It’s frustrating to me. There’s no schadenfreude.

Here’s Carl Levin this morning during the Senate hearing on Apple and their bad citizenship and their irresponsibility. Apple has not done anything illegal when it comes to their taxes and nobody has accused them of that. “Then why are they up there, Mr. Limbaugh? You keep saying that they haven’t broken the laws, then why are they up there?” Mr. New Castrati is asking. ‘Cause the company’s huge, it’s big, it’s popular, and it got there without government, and therefore they’re the enemy. They gotta be brought down a couple pegs. They ought to be paying more. Obama campaigned against companies like this making all this money and not paying their fair share. They got more money than they need, but they’re not breaking the law. So they’re dragged up there and accused of bad citizenship and more. Carl Levin, the ranking Democrat, the leader of the committee on the Democrat side, Democrat from Michigan.



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