Heritage Immigration Study Under Assault


I just want to know where the fence is.
Check it out:

There’s also a move out there — understandably in the Democrat Party, but within certain elements of the Republican Party — to go after, discredit, and basically blow up the Heritage Foundation study on immigration and the cost of amnesty. Remember, we made this available to you. If you wanted to go to the Heritage Foundation website the other day, earlier this week, they were giving you the report free. The website was AskHeritage.org. You could go there and you could get the whole thing downloaded, and the five-page summary was really pretty much all you needed to read.

If you didn’t want the detail, the summary was just powerful, and it talked about $6.3 trillion of net cost. Well, all kinds of people — predictably from the Democrat Party, but some in the Republican Party now — are coming out to discredit this whole thing. They’re trying to discredit the scholarship, the math. One of the criticisms is, “Those guys at Heritage, they analyze this in a static way! They didn’t calculate any of the dynamics.” What they mean by that is, “Wait a minute! Yeah, some of these new arrivals may end up on the welfare rolls but some of them are gonna be paying taxes, too, and that’s gonna wash out whatever benefits they get.”

That was the theory.



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