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The Washington Times is reporting that feminism may be dead, at least in this way. “Seventy-two percent of Americans say they’re not ‘feminists’. It is likely disappointing news for old-school bra-burners and Gloria Steinem-inspired activists. ‘Has feminist become a dirty word?’ demands a new Economist/YouGov Poll released Wednesday. ‘Feminism is a mixed bag in the eyes of most Americans.'” Well, there’s a line there. Ha! Feminism is a mixed bag. He-he-he-he. Ahem. “Overall, 28 percent consider themselves to be feminists, 72 percent do not.”

Now, let me ask you, ladies and gentlemen, who do you know that for 25, actually 28 years, but 25 on the national stage, has been pointing out the truth of militant left-wing feminism? It is I, El Rushbo. Could it be said that years of properly defining modern-era militant feminism has proven fruitful? Now, this is not to say that they haven’t done a lot of damage. They have done tremendous amounts of damage, but at least right now it ain’t cool to be called a feminist. Now, it doesn’t mean there aren’t feminists out there, because there are a lot of Republicans where it ain’t cool to be called a conservative. A lot of conservatives who will not tell you that they are right now. That’s not necessarily good. There are a lot of conservatives afraid to be.

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