Harry Reid: Tea Party Has ‘Full Control’ Of Senate GOP


If we had full control Harry Reid would be out and we’d have a balanced budget amendment.
Check it out:

Senate majority Leader Harry Reid continued his attempted assault on the Tea Party on Thursday. Having called the Tea Party “anarchists” on the Senate floor weeks ago, the Senator has been pushing the narrative that every nefarious deed done in Washington is, somehow, the work of the Tea Party, the leftist’s boogeyman.

Calling Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz a schoolyard bully last week, Reid lashed out at the Tea Party and explained their formidability in the political process. After subtly jabbing Cruz by calling him the “very junior Senator from Texas,” Reid once again labeled Cruz as such and explained that not only does the Tea Party have “full control of the House,” but that the Tea Party also has “full control” of the Republican caucus in the Senate.



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