Harry Reid Admits It: We Need the IRS to Go After “Shadowy” Conservative Groups


How about we keep liars out of public office? That would eliminate 99% of liberals.
Check it out:

He is excusing the IRS for leaking illegal information to advance his political point of view! Harry Reid says: Well, maybe the IRS shouldn’t be the one to do it, but if nobody else has done it, it leaves them as the only one we can look to. So there are “shadowy political groups masquerading as social welfare organizations.” Thirty-one conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status are now “shadowy political groups masquerading as social welfare organizations.”

All the IRS has to do is turn down the application!

That’s all the IRS has to do.

If it’s a “shadowy political group masquerading,” the IRS can deny them the tax-exempt status and that’s it. Instead what the IRS did is share the information on the applications with this group Pro Publica (and who knows, probably with Harry Reid) and the Democrats in the media. Since 2010, they have been running with this information. They’ve been impugning, mischaracterizing, basically trying to destroy these conservative groups as illegitimate.



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