Goal of the IRS Scandal: Scare GOP Donors


They got away with it in 2012. Time to make sure it doesn’t happen again.
Check it out:

I want to explain in my own inimitable way what Mattie from southern California’s just told us. She’s a fundraiser and a bundler for the Republican Party. She can’t get anybody to write checks. What this proves is that the entire IRS scandal, the entire IRS operation, the objective of this scandal from the regime standpoint is to target Republican donors and frighten them into not donating. That’s all this is. It’s not a distraction from Benghazi. It’s nothing other than designed to have a chilling effect on Republican, conservative donors into not writing a check.

In fact, do you remember when Obama took over General Motors? Do you remember there was a story that emerged shortly thereafter that in the downsizing and the reorganization of GM, assertions were made that only Republican GM Cadillac dealerships were shut down, and immediately, “Rush, that’s not true. A bunch of Democrats were shut down, too.” I’m looking back on that now and I actually am beginning to think that that did happen. Money is the fuel that makes political victory possible. Sadly, folks, in many cases it’s more important than ideas. And this is what turns off so many people to politics, frankly, that money and the chicanery involved in money matter more than ideas.

What you have here, let’s first look at the IRS targeting Romney donors: Frank VanderSloot, Sheldon Adelson, there were a number of them that the IRS targeted for audit simply because they donated to Romney. VanderSloot was audited three different ways, personally and professionally, three different ways. His story has been widely reported. Now, one take on the VanderSloot story, “Well, that’s just outrageous, it’s outrageous!” The other reaction is, “Oh, my God, I’m not giving any money. I don’t want that to happen to me. I don’t want to red flag my tax return. I just won’t make any donations and I’ll be safe. The IRS won’t come after me.” And that’s exactly what this is about.



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