Full Spin Mode on IRS, Benghazi, AP Scandals as WH Advisor Does ‘Full Ginsburg’


When you lie about lies, you might have an issue.
Check it out:

Senior White House advisor Dan Pfeiffer is set to perform the ‘full Ginsburg’ on Sunday, appearing on all five major Sunday morning news shows in the latest sign that the Obama administration is determined to fight for control of the news cycle following an explosion of major scandals in the past several days.

Pfeiffer will appear on CNN’s State of the Union, ABC’s This Week, CBS’s Face the Nation, NBC’s Meet the Press, and Fox News’ Fox News Sunday.

The White House began suffering unusual setbacks in the media following the revelation that its edits to “talking points” on the Benghazi terror attack were more extensive and substantial than first admitted, and that it sought to minimize references to terrorism while pushing a false story that the attack was a “protest” against a YouTube video. On May 10, the IRS revealed–and apologized for–targeting conservative groups, triggering both criminal and congressional investigations. And on May 13, the Associated Press protested against a Department of Justice seizure of journalists’ telephone records.



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