Fox News tops poll list of trusted cable news stations


This one is easy, liberals are liberal with the truth while conservatives are conservative with the truth.
Check it out:

Move over CNN. Fox News has taken the lead for most trustworthy cable news station, Newsbusters reported.

A poll conducted over a five-day period of Boston bombing television coverage found most viewers saw Fox News as the most believable — and CNN one of the least, Newsbusters found.

Moreover, the survey was conducted by the liberal site, Huffington Post, in partnership with the marketing agency YouGov.

The poll asked 1,000 adults how believable the news coverage of the marathon bombings was. Fully 35 percent — the biggest response — said “I don’t watch CNN,” Newsbusters reported. About 21 percent then said the channel was “not very” or “not at all believable,” Newsbusters said.

MSNBC fared poorly, also, but Fox News found favor.



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