Fast & Furious Whistleblower Targeted for Smear


Is there any honor among liberals?
Check it out:

Matthew Boyle writing at Breitbart: “The Department of Justice (DOJ) Inspector General published a new report Monday that confirms former US Attorney for Arizona Dennis Burke leaked a document intended to smear Operation Fast and Furious scandal whistleblower John Dodson.”

Again, what we have here is more government totally out of control. Or better yet, in control. This is a government totally in control. What we have here is the Department of Justice leaking documents intended to smear the whistleblower on Fast and Furious. “The DOJ IG said it found ‘Burke’s conduct in disclosing the Dodson memorandum to be inappropriate for a Department employee and wholly unbefitting a US Attorney.'” So former US attorney for Arizona, Obama appointee, Dennis Burke, leaked a document intended to smear the whistleblower who told everybody about Fast and Furious. That was John Dodson.

“Burke resigned from his post as US Attorney over the incident in August 2011, the first major Department of Justice official to leave his or her post in the Fast and Furious scandal. He said after the fact, in interviews with congressional investigators, that he now views leaking the document as a ‘mistake.’ In addition to Burke’s involvement in leaking the document, emails the IG uncovered show senior officials at the Department of Justice discussed smearing Dodson.”

By the way, anybody remember the New Black Panther Party and voter intimidation in Philadelphia? What’s the difference, in all candor, what is the difference in what the New Black Panther Party was doing and what the IRS was doing? Now, seriously, let’s walk through this. If you tried to vote in certain precincts in Philadelphia in 2008, you were greeted by thugs from the New Black Panther Party, who appeared to be armed, billy clubs or whatever. They looked very mean, these guys, and they made you not want to be there. Their appearance was such that you would have been wise if you concluded you would be safer getting out of there instead of going in there.



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