Explaining the Clinton-Collins Example


They hate Tim Tebow because of his stand.
Check it out:

I’m actually glad this guy called. He hung up. He was guy named John from Chicago. Snerdley told me he was really ticked off. He wasn’t very happy. He was angry that I had linked Bill Clinton’s immoral behavior with Monica Lewinsky with Jason Collins. Folks, those of you who are regular listeners here know how to listen to this program and you understand context. Plus you’re not knee-jerk. You’re intelligent, and you know exactly what I was saying.

I wager this guy John is typical of practically every knee-jerk, reactionary liberal listening to this program. He either purposely misunderstood in order to call here and try to mischaracterize, or else didn’t get it. My point was very simple: If a celebrity’s private life is so important, why didn’t we celebrate Clinton’s serial adulteries and sex with interns? When Clinton’s sex came along, it was his sex life, and it was defended. Nobody said it was immoral, John.

The people on the left said it was no big deal, none of our business. We shouldn’t pay any attention to it. It didn’t affect Clinton’s job, didn’t affect his leadership, didn’t distract him. The sex pervert was Ken Starr! Everybody concerned about whether or not Clinton had lied under oath about it to a grand jury was a sex pervert. The Clinton team had a search-and-destroy mission, and they targeted anybody who tried to say that what Clinton did as president in the Oval Office was immoral.

The left would not admit that Clinton did anything wrong! The left didn’t say that what he did was immoral. They said it wasn’t any big deal. In fact, they said it wasn’t even sex, if I remember. (Clinton impression) “It wasn’t sex. I — I — I never had sex a single time, not — not — not — not with that woman. I didn’t have sexual relations. It wasn’t sex. You can’t say that’s sex.” All right, then what’s the big deal? My point, John, and the rest of you, is that Jason Collins comes out and we’re supposed to take note.



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