Environmentalists ‘Wrench’ Evidence to Fit Climate Conclusions


Basically everything Al Gore says is a lie.
Check it out:

On the May 5, 2013, edition of C-SPAN 2’s “In Depth,” British journalist Melanie Phillips spoke candidly of her new autobiography “Guardian Angel: My Story, My Britain” and pointed out the flaws in liberal group think.

Phillips spent 20 years working at Britain’s left-wing The Guardian where she finally realized that many journalists were out of touch. She explained how journalists see the conclusion first, and then distort evidence and facts to prove their point. “There are quite a number of people who … start with the conclusion and say let’s make the facts fit the conclusion.”

According to Phillips, this type of “journalism” abandoned to average citizens of a country, whom she referred to as the “sensible center.”

She then expounded on basic journalistic techniques. “You start with the evidence, and you don’t pretend things are not as they are. You don’t try and make the evidence; you don’t remake reality into what you hope it should be. You start with what’s there and then you tell the truth about it.”

Later in her interview, Phillips used environmentalism and man made global warming to show how people use conclusions to distort evidence. “Environmentalism says the planet is about to fry … because of man made global warming. There’s a bunch of evidence that says that’s not necessarily true.”



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