Durbin says the 1st Amendment is out of date: Wants to License Journalists


Liberals really don’t get freedom.
Check it out:

They want to set up licensing of journalists. That’s where the Democrats are headed on this. “You tweeters? You bloggers? You’re not journalists. We are going to determine who is a journalist and who isn’t. We are going to license journalists! I mean, that Constitution’s 200-plus years old. It’s no longer relevant,” is what he means. No, he didn’t say “license journalists,” but what are they talking about?

I mean, if a leading Democrat senator wants to talk about who’s a journalist and who isn’t, and if he thinks bloggers and tweeters aren’t, then he wants to stop ’em. How’s he gonna stop them? Gotta license journalists. So the government will decide who’s a journalist and who isn’t and grant licenses and approvals — and if you don’t get your license and you start doing journalism, you could be sent to jail or you could be reprimanded.

Now, I just want to be clear. He didn’t say those words, but where does it go? You have a leading Democrat senator here trying to say that bloggers aren’t journalists and tweeters aren’t journalists and journalists, who are they? Well, we all know that Fox and AP is journalism. (By the way, Fox won’t be, if these people have their dream.)



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