Dr. Manny Gets Mad About the Morning-After Pill


Liberals like it when government has control over your children.
Check it out:

The reason — and make no mistake, folks — the reason the left, the political movement that harbors liberalism, the reason they want to do this is precisely to bust up the traditional notion of what is a family. The more they bust that up, the more they steer people to Washington for guidance, dependence, what have you. A lot of people on the left look at you and your family, parents, with contempt. By definition, you don’t have the tools to make the best decisions in life. You’re not smart enough to do what’s good for you. They have to control these circumstances.

You’re a good person, you’re just inept. You’re just not capable. They have to control you. They have to do what they think is best for you. And young girls are gonna have sex, folks, you can’t stop it. Pregnancy is a disease. And we’re losing ground politically on abortion. So let’s make the morning after pill an abortion pill per se, let’s just make that legal so we don’t have to worry about this anymore. We’ll figure out a way to compensate Planned Parenthood on the down low so they don’t suffer too much, but we’ll deal with that in ways that you won’t even see. The bottom line is, you are too oppressive as a parent. You want to deny your daughters a full life. You just can’t tell kids “no.” It’s not fair. You were a kid once. You know how you felt. I can’t tell a kid “no.”

Who are you to tell your kid “no”? So we are gonna tell your kid “yes.” We liberals, we of the federal government, we of the Democrat Party, your kid wants to do something, we’re there to say, “You do it. We’re behind you. And then we’ll help you deal with the consequences, because your parents really don’t know what’s best for you, and your parents don’t understand you, but we do.” That’s what’s going on here. Well, if you disagree with that, stop and think for a moment. What possible interest in something like this could the Democrat Party have?



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