Don’t Hold Your Breath for Impeachment


It certainly won’t happen if we don’t try. There are so many scandals that one of them eventually has to stick.
Check it out:

I just want to remind you, folks, if you didn’t hear it. We had a great call from a guy in San Diego who said, “Look, Rush, this is the Democrats. I mean, they’re carrying this out great. They made sure this story didn’t come out last year at that time — and are blaming you for that — so as not to affect the 2012 election. Now it’s coming out in 2013.

“There’s no election this year, and the campaign season for 2014 won’t heat up for one year, by which time all this will be forgotten.” So this is being orchestrated. They could release the kitchen sink, and it’ll be forgotten by the midterm elections. The idea… Well, as I said yesterday: The country will not sit for the removal of the first black president. It isn’t gonna happen. It just isn’t gonna happen. If you’ve got hopes and dreams of impeachment and a conviction and sayonara, that’s not gonna happen.

The Republicans aren’t even gonna go near that.

They wouldn’t get close to going there.

They remember Clinton. They’re still stung. In fact, if you want to know why Lindsey Graham has become Lindsey Graham it’s because of what happened to him when he was one of the House managers carrying the water and presenting the case against Clinton in the Senate. Lindsey Graham was one of those House freshmen in 2004, and Lindsey Graham was a pedal-to-the-metal conservative. He was one of the House managers that presented an aspect of the case, or impeachment of Bill Clinton.

Those guys in the House, they just got beat up. I remember the late Henry Hyde was involved in this, but there were a couple others in there who have since moderated. They have done everything they can to distance themselves from that experience. The Republicans have never forgotten it. The idea that there’s gonna be an impeachment and a trial? I think, folks, you can pretty much stop dreaming about that.



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