This scandal is getting lost among all the rest. Obama’s goal might be to have so many scandals that focusing on one becomes nearly impossible.
Check it out:

The Justice Department did more than seize a Fox News reporter’s emails while suggesting he was a criminal “co-conspirator” in a leak case — it did so under one of the most serious wartime laws in America, the Espionage Act.

It’s the same law used by the Nixon administration to go after The New York Times and Daniel Ellsberg over the leak of the Pentagon Papers. It’s the law used to charge the Rosenbergs, American communists, for allegedly passing secret information to the Soviet Union — they were executed for the offense in 1953.

One Washington attorney, who represents two defendants recently charged under that World War I-era law, told FoxNews.com that the decision by the Justice Department to invoke it in the current case is “beyond chilling” — and could set a dangerous precedent for going after reporters.

“This kind of puts us into the deep freeze,” attorney Jesselyn Radack said. “I feel like we’re back to the Dark Ages.”

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