Did IRS boss tell a whopper under oath?


Of course they lie. It’s just a matter of catching them in their lies.
Check it out:

The IRS scandal validates the worst fears of law-abiding Americans, could trigger criminal charges and was likely known about in the White House for an extended time, according to Rep. Tom Rice, R-S.C., a former tax attorney and certified public accountant.

The White House has slowly admitted some there knew about the investigation, but it flatly denies any involvement in the decision to harass tea-party groups and other conservative organizations that also led to targeting of donors and sharing sensitive information with rival activist groups.

Rice believes the administration is much more closely connected to this scandal than it will admit.

“Former IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman, when he was questioned in March 2012 in Congress, said there was absolutely no targeting. Now he has said that he was aware in spring 2012 that there was an internal list that included the term ‘tea party,’ so if he knew about that when he testified, that’s a lie. That’s perjury,” Rice said. “We’ve had admissions here in the last couple of days about the fact that senior White House aides were aware of it at least as far back as a month ago. This only broke last week, for goodness sake. I’m sure as this investigation continues, we’re going to find out more and more and more.”

Last Friday, the House Ways and Means Committee held the first congressional hearing into the scandal. Rep. Kevin Brady, R-Texas, told the story of a constituent who was targeted for their political donations and their business was subsequently given the third degree by the IRS, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the FBI Domestic Terrorism Unit, the Commission on Environmental Quality and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Rice said that type of government harassment goes beyond the pale.



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