Despite Liberal Media Push, Poll Shows Vast Majority of Americans Aren’t Offended by ‘Redskins’


So will it be offensive to have Cowboys, Mountaineers, or Patriots as mascots? For most it is a place of honor. Just because liberals can’t see that honoring fierce warriors is actually good doesn’t mean we should listen to them.
Check it out:

Try as they might, the liberal sports media’s efforts to shame the Washington Redskins into ditching their team name out of political correctness concerns hasn’t significantly moved public opinion. A brand new Associated Press-GfK poll found 79 percent of respondents favored keeping the name.

Of course in his story on the poll, AP’s Ben Nuckols weighted his piece heavily with Skins detractors, including former Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell. “There’s a derogatory name for every ethnic group in America, and we shouldn’t be using those words,” the Colorado Republican complained. “We probably haven’t gotten our message out as well as it should be gotten out.”



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