Democrat Mantra: Obama is No LBJ


Obama is so left wing that he puts liberals to shame.
Check it out:

Well, what’s happening here is the media had visions. They had the wildest utopian dreams when he won reelection. They thought that it was gonna be four years of an LBJ-style Great Society, too, with every liberal dream just automatically happening. None of it has and Obama hasn’t changed. He’s still positioning himself as unattached to what’s happening. He’s still seen campaigning, raising money for a campaign organization, running against the Republicans, blaming everybody else for what’s going on, while claiming, lying, that Obamacare’s gonna lower your premium. He’s still saying these kind of things while it’s being implemented, and everything he’s saying is not true, but he is not blamed for it. He’s still seen as the guy fighting these invisible powerful forces. Then the gun control bill comes along and that’s, I think, what really has shaken up the left and the media. That was supposed to be automatic, as far as these people are concerned.

You have to look at it their way. You had Aurora, Colorado, happen. You had the Sandy Hook Elementary at Newtown. We had these horrible things. In their minds, it just stands to reason that everybody would blame the gun. Everybody would agree, “We’ve got to get rid of ’em. It just can’t go on!” And yet, something as simple as so-called — it’s not what it was, but it was portrayed as just even more detailed — background checks, fails in the Senate, which is run by the Democrats.

These media people are saying, “LBJ woulda never let that happen. LBJ woulda called these senators up while he was in the bathroom and made them come in the bathroom while he was using it while he reamed ’em.” (Look it up. That happened.) That’s why they’re all now comparing Obama to LBJ. They can’t believe it, folks. Gun control bill? It was supposed to go to the House and fail so they could blame the Republicans, just like immigration. It’s supposed to go to the House.

Rubio. We’ve been talking about Marco this week. Senator Rubio said, on April 30th, “The Gang of Eight’s immigration bill can’t pass the House.” Amnesty, right? It cannot pass the House. He knows this. It can’t pass the House. That’s why the Democrats are all-in on this. It’s not supposed to become law right now! Immigration, amnesty is supposed to fail in the House because the objective is winning the House for the Democrats 2014.



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