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So let me review. Ted Cruz says (paraphrasing), “Okay, we got our bill, you can’t go to conference with the House and put things in there we didn’t vote on, like raising taxes.” Dingy Harry says, “You’re acting like school yard bully! You can’t come in here and push everybody around.” Ted Cruz says, “I wasn’t aware we were in a school yard.” Harry Reid said, “Look, you’re a very junior senator from Texas, just shut up just make your objection and move on.” The next day, Tuesday, yesterday afternoon in Washington, Ted Cruz took to the floor of the Senate and responded to Dingy Harry.

CRUZ: I rise today in praise of Majority Leader Harry Reid. Yesterday our esteemed majority leader said the following. Quote, “My friend from Texas is like the school yard bully. He pushes everyone around and is losing, and instead of playing the game according to the rules, he not only takes the ball home with him, but he changes the rules.” Today, Leader Reid continued his demonstration of civility, referring to me as the, quote, “very junior senator from Texas.” As I noted yesterday, the Senate is not a school yard. Setting aside the irony of calling someone a bully and then shouting them down when they attempt to respond, today I wish simply to commend my friend from Nevada for his candor.

RUSH: Oh, my friends you just don’t do this to Dingy Harry if you’re Republican. You’re supposed to shut up. This means that Ted Cruz is a purist, and he’s gonna be responsible for Republicans losing in the Senate acting this way. He better be very, very careful. They’ll be all over him.

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