Could Cruz Spark A Leftist ‘Birther’ Movement?


Now it will matter? How funny.
Check it out:

Jon Stewart touched on Senator Ted Cruz‘s Canadian origin story earlier this week on The Daily Show, but by Friday the Texas Republican’s eligibility was (semi) serious news on MSNBC’s Now with Alex Wagner. After playing a series of clips in which Donald Trump, Mitt Romney and others questioned President Obama‘s birthplace, followed by a piece from Stewart, Alex Wagner asked her guests how big of a problem this could be for Cruz’s presidential chances.

“If that’s what the right had to say about someone who was actually born in this country,” Wagner asked, “what will they say about a foreign-born first-term senator with his sights on the Oval Office?” Cruz has made his potential interest in the GOP presidential nomination clear, but questions remain as to whether he passes the “natural-born citizen qualification.”



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