Congressman Elijah Cummings Sums Up Benghazi: “Death is a Part of Life”


What a scum bag. This liberal needs to rot with his buddies.
Check it out:

Elijah Cummings is the ranking Democrat on the House committee that is investigating Benghazi, and he decried the full-scale media campaign unleashed over the last few weeks that is not designed to investigate what happened in a responsible and bipartisan way and rather to launch unfounded accusations to smear public officials. This is how he tried to characterize what’s happening today. He’s the first Democrat member of Congress to speak during the hearing today. He didn’t waste any time before going after the chairman, Darrell Issa, for what he believes was the congressman using the Benghazi attack for his own political gain.

Cummings began by thanking the witnesses, said, “If I had been in your place, hearing Ambassador Stevens’ voice on the phone and wanting to do everything possible to help him, I would have had the same questions you had: where’s the military, where are the special forces, where are the fighter jets to rescue my colleagues? These are legitimate questions.” But from there Elijah Cummings proceeded to challenge a series of theories about how the US could have saved the four men who died in the attack, claiming that official sources have confirmed to him, Elijah Cummings, that under the circumstances, it wouldn’t have been possible for military help to arrive in time. And we heard yesterday that that was gonna be one of the excuses. “Well, couldn’ta got there on time.”

This thing only took place over nine hours. This event did not just happen in five or 10 minutes. We had assets there who were told to stand down. We had assets nearby who were told to stand down, to not offer assistance. There wasn’t proper security for the ambassador in the first place, and then when the attack began there wasn’t any suitable defense nearby, but there were people willing to go in and help, and they did. They defied orders and went in anyway, and they died because they assumed they had help in the sky, and they didn’t.



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