Committed Activist Leftists Don’t Need Instructions


The left shares the goal of absolute power.
Check it out:

CNN is saying that they have sources who have pinpointed a couple of rogue employees at the IRS who were responsible for this, and they were “overly aggressive.” They’re being described as being “off the reservation,” these rogue employees. There are two of ’em at the IRS, and CNN reported that these two rogue employees have already been punished. Now, I want to expand on something that I was talking about earlier when this whole thing came up.

One employee, we’re told now… This is not the CNN report. This is another story here that says there was one IRS employee that was in charge of the approval process for all the applications for tax-exempt status for every Tea Party group, over three years. One IRS employee. The media theme today is, “Obama couldn’t be involved! There’s insulation. It’s against the law for the president to call the Treasury department, the IRS, and give them orders! That can’t happen, and Obama’s disengaged anyway.

“The government’s way too massive and too big,” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Now, Obama doesn’t have to call that one employee. That one employee is there precisely because he is Obama, and that’s not the only guy. The people at all of these bureaucracies who are political appointees are there because they don’t need orders. They don’t need instructions. They already know what to do. They are Obama. And, by the way, that’s not uncommon.



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