Chris Broussard Should’ve Known ESPN Won’t Tolerate Intolerance of Liberalism


Wait til they make it hate speech to speak against the gay lifestyle.
Check it out:

I watched Broussard say this, and I said, “Look, I really respect him for saying it, but does he not know what happened to the 49er player during the Super Bowl?” The 49er playing during the Super Bowl said the same thing and the league shut down the Super Bowl ’til this guy got his mind right and then they resumed practice. Everything came to a screeching halt. I forget this guy’s name, Chris something or other for the 49ers, young kid, “I don’t want any of that stuff in our locker room.” Uh, uh, wait a minute, cancel Super Bowl practice, we gotta deal with this kid. They did. He apologized.

A couple of other people have said things on ESPN that they’ve been — who was the black reporter, can’t remember his name, but this was a big one. They suspended him and they fired him for 30 days. I forget who and what, but I couldn’t believe the guy went out and said it, knowing what ESPN does with people who speak out against popular culture things. ESPN does not tolerate people speaking out against what is big in the popular culture. They just don’t. Here’s what he said. Grab sound bite 10. This is on Outside the Lines yesterday on ESPN. The host was Steve Weisman, the writer here is Chris Broussard, who writes for ESPN, the magazine, they asked him about Jason Collins coming out, and they said, “You’re a Christian, Chris, what’s your take on this?”



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