Campaigning Obama Apologizes to Mexico for US


This is embarrassingly naïve. Obama has no clue what he is doing and just spouts out stupid comments like this when the direct opposite is true.
Check it out:

The president of the United States is in Mexico apologizing for the attitudes of some Americans, that many Americans convey the old stereotype of Mexicans as illegal border crossers. He then apologized to these college students for America trying to impose itself on Mexican sovereignty. What? Would somebody explain that to me? I do not understand how we are trying to impose ourselves on Mexico.

It would seem, if we want to discuss this, that it might actually be the opposite. Now, this is the kind of thing that Democrats say when we go to Iraq or when we engage in military activity to liberate the oppressed, the tyrannized. Democrats never like that, such as Iraq. They always run around saying, “We’re trying to impose our way of life on people! We shouldn’t do that. We shouldn’t try and impose freedom.”

But it’s usually in the context of armed combat that they make this complaint. Now, we are not at war with Mexico. We haven’t invaded. Quite the opposite. So I really don’t understand the president apologizing to Mexican college students on behalf of people in this country because of the stereotypes in which you engage in when you talk about Mexicans, and for the attempt to impose America on them. I’m at a loss, I must tell you.



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