“Benghazi was a Long Time Ago” – But We Can Still Blame Everything on Bush?


Lies and more lies.
Check it out:

So Benghazi, that’s “a long time ago.” “Benghazi happened a long time ago.” I mean, why is everybody bringing that up now? Yet everything remains the fault of George W. Bush. From the Weekly Standard: “White House spokesman Jay Carney said in response to a question about the September 11, 2012 Benghazi terror attack that it ‘happened a long time ago.’ ‘Let’s be clear,’ said Carney.

“‘Benghazi happened a long time ago. We are unaware of any agency blocking an employee who would like to appear before Congress to provide information related to Benghazi.'” Really? See, this is the modus operandi of the regime — any Democrat regime, actually. You stonewall it for a few months, and then after a few months go by you say, “It’s an old story.” Didn’t Watergate happen a long time ago? It still seems to be really relevant, Watergate.

Benghazi is not even eight months ago. Anyway, it’s a bit ironic to hear Jay Carney talking about spreading misinformation. Isn’t that what he does for a living? “Yeah, it’s a long time ago,” or, “We’re not aware of any whistleblowers being prevented from coming forward…” No, that’s why they’re going on TV disguised in masks with their voices altered. Let’s go to the audio sound bites. We have a montage here, January, April, Monday, and today. It’s Hillary, John Kerry, Obama, and Carney talking about the lack of importance of the Benghazi information…



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