Benghazi Story Escapes Conservative Media


Took the rest of the media long enough. Thought they are still trying to cover for Obama.
Check it out:

At some point they’re gonna have to get to Obama and what he was doing and where he was because he’s the only guy that could issue the stand-down order. He’s the president. He’s the only guy that can order military action or no military action. So he’s not gonna get a pass. Certainly not here at the EIB Network.

Now, Stephen Hayes at the Weekly Standard a week ago essentially had the story, the essence of this news about the talking points being rewritten a grand total of 12 times so as to be flavored and shaped and formed to be the least damaging to the administration. And we must remember that the talking points, the fraudulent talking points were the basis for the appearance on the Sunday talk shows by Obama’s ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice. She pretended, on behalf of Obama, not Hillary, she pretended on behalf of Obama that this was nothing more than a spontaneous ad hoc protest provoked by some scoundrel Islamophobe who made a video that nobody at the time had seen. The administration knew, they knew from intelligence that was supplied from the compound throughout the siege. We’ve been through this.

You know all of this. But this is just now, the fascinating thing, everything I’m telling you, you know. You’ve known this for months. You’ve known this since before the election. The Drive-By Media is just getting to this, just now. You know that Susan Rice was lying. You know that she was lying on behalf of Obama. You know that they made up this business about the video. You know that the administration knew the night of the attack what was going on. The State Department knew at the time of the attack it was Al-Qaeda. The White House knew at the time of the attack it was Al-Qaeda. That’s what’s been so maddening about this, everybody knew. Dare I say the mainstream media knew. But the White House line was it was a video, so they parroted that knowing full well what really happened.



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