Benghazi: How Do You Explain the Inexplicable?


Easy: Liberals Lie.
Check it out:

We have a consulate in an area of the world which is dramatically dangerous, where we are not loved, although I’m sure Obama and his gang thought we were because we had dispatched Khadafy, but still, how do you have this ambassador in a consulate with no security or little security and then under attack not only did you not let defense forces in, you tell the people who are there to stand down. Whoever they were, they were told to stand down. Now, three Americans are dead, they didn’t stand down. They went over to help.

But I can’t explain it to you. You’re like the third or fourth person to call here today wanting to know why in the world this happened. I can’t tell you, other than incompetence. It makes no sense to me why there was no effort made to defend those lives. I can’t tell you. That’s really what the hearings are about. People want to find out what the heck happened. You do have Marines at these embassies. Now, the embassy was not where the consulate is. The consulate was in Benghazi; the embassy, I think, is Tripoli. But you had a CIA station. There were many installations over there. So A, you don’t have proper security. Look, this whole thing doesn’t make any sense. You have the attack. They lie to us out of the box telling us that it’s a ad hoc protest based on a video.

Folks, I wish I had the answers for you. I can only use my intelligence guided by experience to come up with guesses, wild guess theories. And, you know, even some of the Benghazi security, we have learned, was handled by locals. We farmed it out to independent contractor security personnel, native Libyans. Some of them might have been terrorists, for all we know.



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