As Libs Dismiss the “Whisteblower’s Yarn” on Benghazi, We Ask… Where was Obama?


Obama was there. He tried to cover it all up nice and neat.
Check it out:

Many of you in the e-mail said, “Rush! Rush! Rush! What about Benghazi?” We spent a lot of time on Benghazi yesterday, and we told you practically every powerful detail. We had the sound bites of every powerful detail. Those of you who listened to this program know exactly what happened in Benghazi, and you know exactly why the White House didn’t want anybody to know about it. There’s just one remaining question that I have been asking for weeks.

No, in fact, I’ve been asking this question for months: “Where was Obama during all of it?” That’s the one thing that nobody knows. Where was Obama when four Americans were under assault and ultimately being killed? And there doesn’t seem to be any curiosity inside official Washington. But the reason that we’re not spending a lot of time on it today is that we did yesterday, and you in this audience know everything about it that there is to know.

The media today is treating it as a nonevent or as a Republican political effort to embarrass our delightful president and our future president, Hillary Clinton. Look, Dana Milbank in the Washington Post headline: “Whistleblower’s Yarn Fails to Tie Benghazi Lapses to Politics.” He claims that what happened yesterday was a bunch of storytelling, that the witnesses spun a “yarn.” They were great lines for a movie, maybe, but really nothing to see here.



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