Are Biden and Kerry Looking to Hurt Hillary?


Interesting. So when one liberal lies about another liberals lie do they eventually just turn into a fairytale?
Check it out:

There are clearly Democrats besides Hillary who want to be president in 2016. I’ll guarantee you that every one of them is sick and tired of this puffball sweetness that’s being thrown at her. The Democrat Party owes this woman. It was supposed to be her presidency right now, ’til Obama came out of nowhere. Obama came out of the shadows, if you will, and took what was hers, and they still owe her. She’s been a good soldier and she’s taken the hit on Benghazi.

Believe me, folks, believe me there’s no way — you remember the Waco invasion and Bill Clinton said (doing impression), “Well, you better go talk to Janet Reno about that, 65 people burned up, you better go talk to Janet Reno. She’s the attorney general. She’s in charge of that,” and they did, and she took the heat in exchange for a bus with Donna Shalala. Now, the same thing is happening here. They’re focusing all this on Hillary. But there are a lot of Democrats who want to be president, too, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Biden wants it and if he started helping people out in making trouble for Hillary. And that’s what Ron’s talking about with John Kerry. Maybe John Kerry will facilitate Hillary taking some lumps here. You never know.



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