America Arms Up, Gun Crime Goes Down


Guess bad guys don’t like armed victims.
Check it out:

Earlier this week… Is this Thursday already? It is. We had news earlier this week — in fact, it might have been yesterday; if not yesterday, the day before — about the falling numbers of gun deaths and gun crimes. I think it was yesterday. It’s striking. The amount of murders with guns since the mid-1990s is plummeting. I think they’re down 39%, and overall crimes with guns are down 69%.

This is the LA Times, by the way. The story was the American people don’t know this. The American people think that crime with guns is on the uptick, and they think this because of the focused coverage in places like Aurora, Colorado, and the Gabby Giffords incident, and Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut. (I’m getting it confused with the hurricane location.) Anyway, they think gun Drive-By Media is just going through the roof, and it’s not.

Gun crime is down.

Now, here’s a headline in the Christian Science Monitor: “With Gun Violence Down, is America Arming Against an Imagined Threat?” Oh, yeah! “You people are arming up but the threats that you feel out there are imaginary. You’ve got no reason to be arming up. Gun crime is down. Murders with guns are way down. What are you doing, arming up? What are you doing buying all those guns? You got no business doing this!”



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