Algore Goes on Global Warming Rant in Midst of Coldest Spring Since 1975


Kind of ironic that the same people who take Al Gore serious also laugh at Creationism.
Check it out:

Wind chills of 20 degrees in Oklahoma today as the program began. I just checked here. Thirty-nine degrees in Kansas City. Now, Algore was out in LA earlier this week at the Milken Institute’s Annual Global Forum. I happened to appear at the Milken Institute Annual Global Forum two years ago. I was on a panel with Willie Brown and Harold Ford. It might have been three years ago, I forget, but the subject was Obama and the economy, and I’m telling you I was in enemy territory. I mean, it was at the Beverly Hilton hotel where they do the People’s Choice Awards or the Golden Globes or something. The place where Whitney Houston died.

I was getting booed and smirked. But Michael Milken told me sometime later that they survey their guests. People come in from all over the world to this thing, and I had a 62-37% favorable rating when the whole thing was over. He’s told me that, he’s tried to get me back. Anyway, Gore was out there, and he went nuts again on global warming, and he started telling these people that our children and grandchildren are gonna say to us, “What were you thinking?” because their world is gonna be destroyed. (imitating Gore) “It’s not a hoax. It is happening. It is real. And we are doing it.” He just went on and on and on. Apparently the audience at this thing happened to love it because it’s all Hollywood types. He got an Oscar for his hoax movie on this.



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