Will the Boston Bombing Suspect Use the Reverend Wright Defense at Trial?


He needs to be water boarded for information and then hung by something vital.
Check it out:

Which we can drone Americans. He’s in custody, there’s no reason to drone the cops in order to get this guy. It’s what you’d have to do. I understand the point of hypocrisy that you are making. By the way, an interesting little side note here, the Times Square bomber had just been granted his citizenship when he drove the van into Times Square. He had just gotten his US citizenship before his attack, too. Now, maybe it’s just a coincidence. Or maybe they do this to try to get civilian trials so they can use the publicity to continue the jihad. Remember, initially we were gonna execute Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. We were gonna execute him and he wanted to be executed. All of a sudden, no, we’re gonna do civilian trial.

And Obama couldn’t wait for it, and Eric Holder couldn’t wait for it. It was gonna cost $200 million a year for security alone in that trial. Everybody knew that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed — we did a parody. Grab the parody song. Grab the parody song, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed as Sinatra. He was looking forward to the trial because he would have an unfettered opportunity to bash this country in an American courtroom in New York City, and nothing could stop him. And every citizen, “What in the world, Eric Holder, are you thinking?” They must want this to happen. But the reasoning we were given was this would show the world how fair we are. This will show the world we’re not afraid of what these people say about us. This will show the world that we are fair and nonjudgmental and not racist, sexist, bigot homophobes. What the hell.

So when Khalid Sheikh Mohammed found out that he was gonna avoid execution and instead get the trial, he said, “I need to go to the recording studio here at Club Gitmo and put down a track.” And they said, “We can’t stop you,” and this is what came out of that recording session, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed here.



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