Who’ll Get the Blame When Obamacare Fails?


I know who Obama will blame: Bush!
Check it out:

We’ve got a federal government that gets away with things that no one in the private sector would be allowed to stay out of jail for a week doing. The irresponsibility in spending money that’s not theirs, the redundancy of programs, the absolute waste and the fraud, all of this. I’ve got no problem saying any of this, but, boy, a lot of people, even if they think what I think are not gonna dare say this. They’re too afraid of what might happen to them by the authorities.

I’ll never forget, I talked to people that lived in the Soviet Union. They would retreat into their bathrooms to have real conversations with each other because they figured the bathroom wasn’t bugged, that the least chance of being overheard was either outside or in the bathroom. I can’t tell you the number of places where I have people whispering to me about things, and I can’t hear. People whispering or don’t want other people to overhear what they’re saying because they’re afraid of what reaction it’s gonna get. So I really don’t know what the younger generation’s reaction to costs that they have no idea are coming, I have no idea what the reaction’s gonna be. Common sense would say they’re not gonna put up with it. Common sense would say, at some point, because this does happen generationally.

Every third or fourth generation comes along and some of them at some point say, “You know what? We don’t want to live the way that our parents and grandparents live. We don’t want to live what they’re bequeathing us,” and they change it all around. It’s how you got the Victorians, for example, and cultural rot has tended to be self-correcting in that way, illustrated, scientifically studied and proved every third or fourth generation. But we’re to a point now where this government is so big, so massive, and so involved in the most mundane things in people’s lives, that getting it out and reducing its role is a major, major consistent, long-term undertaking. Not something that one election can fix, for example.



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