White House Sits In On ‘Gang Of Eight’; Law Enforcement Excluded


Well well well, wonder what this panel will find then.
Check it out:

The bipartisan Senate group pushing immigration reform, dubbed the “Gang of Eight,” has allowed a representative from President Barack Obama’s White House to be involved in writing their bill but has not even tried to meet with representatives from the law enforcement community, particularly Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers.

“While Obama has allowed Senate negotiators to work on a compromise that can win approval, a White House staff member attends each staff-level meeting to monitor progress and assist with the technical aspects of writing the bill,” the Washington Post’s Scott Wilson and Zachary Goldfarb reported on Sunday.

Even though the Gang of Eight–Republican Sens. Marco Rubio, Jeff Flake, John McCain and Lindsey Graham, and Democratic Sens. Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, Michael Bennet and Bob Menendez–has allowed the White House into meetings, ICE officers union president Chris Crane notes that his group has been kept completely out of the discussion on immigration reform.



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