White House Attacks the Drudge Report, as Obama Continues His Effort to Eliminate All Political Opposition


Obama doesn’t like the truth out there.
Check it out:

The White House goes after Fox News by name, and the White House goes after me by name, because what the White House wants is to eliminate any opposition — political, media, wherever it is. That is the modus operandi of the president, rather than debate people and win in a contest of hearts and minds. They don’t want to do that, no, no, just eliminate the opposition. It’s been the way Obama has approached politics since his first days in it.

Well, now they’re back to calling out Drudge. This is from the Washington Examiner. “During a Playbook Breakfast event with Politico’s Mike Allen, White House Senior Adviser Dan Pfeiffer lamented the effect of the Drudge Report on the news cycle.” He said, “This is less true now than it was, but there’s a Pavlovian response from some media outlets.” You mean like the Pavlovian response we got when Bush named Cheney to be his VP, gravitas? If I’ve ever seen a Pavlovian response, it was that. About a hundred thousand media people all used the same word to describe the choice of Cheney: gravitas. We’ve played that sound bite for you over and over again. And there have been other examples.

“‘This is less true now than it was, but there is a Pavlovian response from some media outlets,’ Pfeiffer explained, noting that reporters often ask questions about a topic just because its on the Drudge Report. Pfeiffer added that when he is asked about something on the Drudge Report he usually ridicules the reporter asking the question until they sheepishly back down. Pfeiffer said that the Drudge effect can be damaging to the White House effort to communicate their message.”



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