When Liberal Ideology Results in Mass Death


Liberals don’t value life since they think we’re just some mass of goo that walks around and ruins things on their mother earth.
Check it out:

Dr. Charles Wurster did indeed say, when told that a DDT ban would kill millions of people, “That’s as good a way as any.” Now, let me analyze it for you, folks. I’m the expert here. I never heard of this Charles Wurster guy, but all I need to know is he founded the Environmental Defense Fund and all I need to know is what I remember, and what I’ve shared with you over the years about some of the most extreme environmental views. One of them is that the real problem on this planet is humanity. That if humanity did not exist on this planet, that everything would be beautiful and pristine and lovely. That the only beings that destroy and pollute are humans.

Now, I could go into my own personal archives, the show archives, and I could drag out all these articles, quotes from environmental extremists who’ve said just that. And it’s not old stuff. It’s recent. So if somebody tells me that Dr. Charles Wurster who founded the Environmental Defense Fund was actually thinking that getting rid of millions of people was a good thing, I could believe it. This is what militant environmentalists believe. I know it’s a hard thing to accept. If you’re a low-information person and you’re listening to this, I know it doesn’t compute. It doesn’t make any sense to you. And until you understand the ideology of liberalism, very little of this kind of talk is going to be believed by you. You’re just gonna have to take this on faith.

Now, the fact of the matter is, it is estimated 50 million African children have died who would not have died because of the ban on DDT. DDT kills mosquitoes. Without DDT, they thrive. So here’s Bill Gates and his lovely wife Melinda and their wonderful foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. And they are spending millions of dollars on — wait for it — mosquito nets for Africa. Why? To protect the citizens from malaria. There is no scientific reason for the ban of DDT, not a legitimate one. The DDT ban is again the result of liberal fraud and activism, Rachel Carson. So you could say the biggest killer of young African children is not AIDS, it’s not war. It’s DDT being banned. And you’d be right. And then of course the other mass death, I have to mention it, a million plus a year is a mass death, and that’s abortion. God bless you Planned Parenthood.



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