What’s Schumer’s Magic Border Security Metric?


Coming here legally doesn’t mean a thing anymore.
Check it out:

You know, on this probationary legal status for current illegal immigrants in the country that Chuck-U Schumer’s talking about, it sounds to me like no matter how you slice it, there’s not gonna be any trigger on border security first, before probationary legalization takes place. I mean, Chuck-U Schumer basically said that. We’re gonna make them probationary legal, which means they can work legally and they can travel all across the fruited plain. They’re just not citizens. Which means that right now they can’t vote. And we’re gonna do that before border security.

Now, a lot of Republicans, including Rubio, have said nothing happens until border security is done first. And yesterday Chuck Schumer on Meet the Press: put border security second. And again to repeat, he said (paraphrasing), “Oh, don’t worry about that, we’ve got metrics. We’ve got all kinds of metrics, specific metrics to make the border secure. Don’t worry about that.”

Well, why haven’t they been used before, then? What is this big secret? What’s the big secret here? What is the magic that you guys have found to make the border secure? And if you know what it is right now, why aren’t you doing it now? And why haven’t you done it before?



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