I don’t trust our government, but I can’t even believe liberals would be able to stoop to this level.
Check it out:

During the Boston Police Department’s final press conference of a confounding and deadly day, someone in the audience asked if Monday’s bombing was a “false flag” attack. We can both explain and answer that question.

What is a “false flag” attack?

The term originates with naval warfare. For centuries, ships have sailed under a flag identifying their nationality. During times of war, ships would sometimes change the national flag they flew in order to fool other vessels that they sought to attack or escape from. They would fly, in other words, a “false flag.” The term then expanded to mean any scenario under which a military attack was undertaken by a person or organization pretending to be something else.

What the questioner was asking, then, was: Did the United States government orchestrate this attack, pretending to be a terrorist organization of some sort, in order to justify expanded security powers?

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