US Army Training Instructor Classifies Catholics, Evangelicals as Extremists Like Al-Qaeda, Hamas


Why can’t liberals just go live in California and leave everyone else alone.
Check it out:

There’s a story I ran into. I don’t know if it’s a story. It’s something I discovered over the weekend. It’s hard for me to describe my emotion when I came across this. The upshot of it is that in an official manual, the United States Army now lists evangelical Christianity, Catholicism and Islamophobia as forms of religious extremism, along with Al-Qaeda and Hamas. Stop and think of that. The United States Army, and this, of course, the Obama administration, lists evangelical Christianity and Catholicism as forms of religious extremism.

Evangelical Christianity and mainstream Catholicism is listed with Al-Qaeda and Hamas as forms of religious extremism. Evangelical Christianity, Catholicism, Islamophobia are forms of religion extremism on a par with Al-Qaeda and Hamas. I’ve got the screen shot of the actual list of religions that come under the headline of religious extremism in this Army manual. I don’t know quite how to get my arms around this. In the homosexual marriage debate, one of the things that’s really intertwined there is the desire to effectively erase the 2,000 years of Christianity, Judeo-Christian values, if you will, as a governing force, as a positive influence on cultures and society. It is tantamount to erasure, an attempt to erase.

Not just homosexual marriage, but all of the attacks that are taking place here, the attempts to equate mainstream American religions with terrorism is done purposefully with an objective. And the objective, of course, is to discredit mainstream American and worldwide religions. If they succeed in this discreditation, then everything that has flowed from and everything that has descended from these mainstream religions, everything that has found it’s way into American cultural life, will also thus be discredited, which is the objective.



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