Unhappy Mr. Z Raps About Cuba Controversy: “Obama Said Chill, Gonna Get Me Impeached”


This story keeps getting more silly all the time.
Check it out:

As you know, ladies and gentlemen, Jay-Z, the famous rapper — tell me, Snerdley, do you know his real name? Shawn Carter. And that’s why his wife, Beyonce, is calling herself Mrs. Carter on the Mrs. Carter world tour. Shawn Carter. Apparently Jay-Z only went to Cuba with Beyonce to stroll the streets. He was smoking what looked like a very good Cuban cigar, was being followed by lots of Cuban prisoners, uh, citizens, fans. And basically just having a grand old time in essentially what is a dungeon, a prison.

There has been some disagreement lodged at various sectors of this country over Mr. Z’s trip to Cuba. People are curious how it is that Mr. Z got in there so easily, when nobody else can go. People are curious how Mr. Z got out of there so easily when nobody else can get out of there. People are curious to know how it is that Mr. Z went down there, had a grand old time, when nobody who lives there does. And Mr. Z is not happy with all this attention, and Mr. Z went right into the recording studio and laid down a rap track to deal with some of the controversy that has arisen.

And we, ladies and gentlemen, because we’re on the cutting edge here for low-information voters and citizens, have a couple of sound bites — excerpts, if you will — of Mr. Z’s latest rap offering. In one of these bites, Mr. Z refers to the president, saying that Obama told him to chill. (doing Obama impression) “You gonna get me impeached, dude.” And Mr. Z is not happy that the president told him to chill. And Mr. Z makes the comment that he never had any use for politicians, they never did anything for him.



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