This Immigration Bill Just Makes No Sense


Rubio is making a mistake in trusting liberals at all in this.
Check it out:

Marco Rubio. I know a lot of people are hammering Senator Rubio, understandably so. People are hammering Senator Rubio because they think the bill wouldn’t go anywhere without a Republican in this Gang of Eight propelling it. There are some who say that this bill wouldn’t have a prayer if, for example, the front man were Senator Schumer — and therefore, Senator Schumer isn’t.

This is Rich Lowry’s theory today in Politico, that Senator Schumer has pulled a masterful maneuver here by securing a Republican to go get what he wants (i.e., in this immigration bill). I happen to like Senator Rubio very much. He’s a force of nature. He’s a force of energy. Folks, he is a genuine conservative and full-throatedly, full-heartedly, wholeheartedly believes in it. He really does. The bill itself, however? I’m never gonna understand it. I’m never gonna understand the thinking here.

He says that he’s not motivated politically, and that’s fine. But (chuckles) most of the Republican Party is motivated totally, only by politics. They’re buying hook, line, and sinker — from the Democrats and the media — “You guys better reach out to Hispanics or you’re never gonna win anything! You better make the Hispanics like you.” So they’re doing that. Well, okay. If you do that, if everything you do is “outreach” to Hispanics, how do you ever tell ’em no?



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