The Public is with Us, But GOP Still Allows Left to Lead on Gun Control, Immigration


Since we only have control of the house, blocking liberals is about all we can do.
Check it out:

There’s a Gallup poll out. “Only 4% of Americans Think Gun Control is an Important Problem.” Only 4%! After all the Newtown stuff on Air Force One. After all the so-called lobbying. After all of the caring. After all of the attention. After all of the focus. Only 4% of the American people think gun control is an important problem, but the people in Washington do not care. We’ve got Dingy Harry out talking about the anti-gun bill, letting the cat out of the bag. And that has always been the point, folks.

These polls saying that 90% of Americans believe in universal background checks, not true. They ignore the fact that nearly 100% of Americans do not think this is an issue. Only 4% of Americans think gun control’s an important problem. Can I talk to you about disconnect? If you turn on the media, if you listen to it, read it, watch it, all you’ll think is going on is gun control and immigration. Alternate hours, alternate days, gun control here, immigration there. The next hour, immigration, then gun control.

That’s what’s important to government. That’s what’s important to media. That’s what’s important to Democrats. That’s what’s important to politicians. The American people don’t care. Nearly 100%, 96% of the American people do not think gun control is an important problem. This is all being driven by the left, by the media, by Obama, by government. This is a complete disconnect between the federal government and the people. The federal government is hell-bent on gun control. Ninety-six percent of the American people don’t care about it. Ditto immigration and amnesty. Only 4% think amnesty is an important problem.



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