The Lazy and People Who Never Apologize Are Happier


That’s because they don’t care. And since Obama takes care of them, all is well for them.
Check it out:

People who never apologize are happier, and here’s how this story begins.

“Remember the intense, seemingly physical pain you felt as a kid when an adult told you to say you were sorry? Maybe you kicked Jimmy in the shins, took something you weren’t supposed to or were just generally being a brat. But the worst part about this whole experience wasn’t getting into trouble or getting dessert taken away, it was actually having to apologize. And that distaste for saying you’re sorry hasn’t gone away as an adult either: not apologizing still makes us feel much better than apologizing does.

“Psychologists tend to be interested in these sorts of seemingly universal feelings, and recently a few researchers looked into just why it is so rewarding to avoid saying sorry. They asked people to recall transgressions — some as small as cutting someone off on the road, some as big as stealing — then asked these study participants if they had apologized or not and how they felt. The last step: participants could compose an email either apologizing or refusing to apologize. If you’re a parent, you’ve probably told your kid that apologizing will make you feel better.”

If you’re a parent you probably said, “Now, you say you’re sorry. Saying you’re sorry will remove the tensions and it will put the incident behind both of you and then you can move on, and everybody will be able to forget it.” This is what parents tell their kids. “But what these researchers found is, in fact, the opposite. The email that refused to apologize made people feel much better than the one confessing to the deed and taking the blame.”



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