The Four Corners of Deceit: Prominent Liberal Social Psychologist Made It All Up


So basically liberals lie to get their way.
Check it out:

Folks, over the weekend, I came across a very lengthy piece in the New York Times. I was directed to it because I don’t read the New York Times. Somebody sent me a note about it, “You really need to check this out.” The only way I ever see anything in the New York Times is when somebody says check it out. Anyway, it was a story about a social psychologist, sociologist, famed clinical sociologist. His name is Diederik Stapel. He’s a Dutch social scientist. He was renowned for his surveys, his research, his clinical data.

It turns out that everything he did was a lie. Every research project, every published result was a fraud. The guy had a set of desires that he wanted people to think about society, about race, about the way people interact with each other. And he set about creating false studies that never happened, publishing the results. Within his peer group, he was well known, highly respected, and the guy is a total fraud. I never heard of him before this. The story was written by somebody who writes for Science magazine, and they were devastated by this guy, and they were worried about what it means for the entire field of social psychology.

Fifty-five different studies and research papers, and all of it, 100 percent of it was lies generated by his political preferences. He literally made things up from scratch and reported it in exhaustive hours of clinical research, interviews of thousands of people took place when he never talked to a single person. And my guess is that this guy is the tip of iceberg in this kind of stuff.



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