Ted Cruz: Obama Wants the Immigration Bill to Fail


Ted Cruz might be holding the conservative crown.
Check it out:

Here is Ted Cruz, by the way. This is yesterday on CBS This Morning. He was talking to the mind-numbed hosts on that show about immigration reform, and this is what he said.

CRUZ: President Obama does not want an immigration bill to pass. I think the president wants to campaign on immigration reform in 2014 and 2016, and I think the reason that the White House is insisting on a path to citizenship for those who are here illegally is because the White House knows that insisting on that is very likely to scuttle the bill.

RUSH: In the House. In the House. That’s the key to this. Immigration reform, Gang of Eight, Senate, supposed to sail through there without too much trouble. But in the House, because it’s amnesty, or for all intents and purposes, a path to citizenship, it’s supposed to die there, on purpose. What Ted Cruz is saying is Obama’s made this thing so onerous, Republicans have to oppose it. And when they do and when they vote it down he’s got a campaign issue. Republicans hate Hispanics, Republicans don’t like freedom, whatever it is, and that’s what he means.



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